Sunday, September 14, 2014

Four years later: I saw Denali

Four years after my trip to Denali national park, I revisited and this time i saw The Tall One!
I am satisfied. 

My friend that lives in Fairbanks but used to live in Sitka won the car lottery. A select number of people are given permits to drive into the park where normally vehicles are prohibited and access is limited to buses.

As the day progressed and we got farther into the park, the weather got better and we were cheering on Denali to show its face. 

We saw one bear really close, we saw some dall sheep from a distance, and we saw a moose at the very end of the day. I had to look again at my old photos from 2010 and I was surprised to see how green it was that time of the year. 

I've been using this new app called Hyperlapse, so please enjoy the videos below.

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