Monday, February 27, 2012

Resurrecting the blog

Hi. Please bear with me while I try to start blogging again. I was blogging a bunch and then I didn't finish the kayak and then I went kayaking and then I stopped blogging.

This is the kayak as it looked on the 10th of September 2011.  I put a coat of epoxy on the deck.  Then storms came and I covered it with a tarp but the storms were strong and I was at work and then I had to do some repairs to the ends.  Now it's stored for a while.

My summer was a lot of biking and hiking.  And I lived with a piano and I played a lot of piano.  

These are my favorite photos from this last summer:

And I still need to actually do a post covering the kayak trip.


  1. Such a talented photographer! Its nice to see you writing again. I love hearing about your life. I think kyaking would be so cool. Did you see any orcas up close?
    Aunt S

  2. Oh I forgot...Ecuador awaits you!

  3. Hey Aunt Sharon! Thank you for the comments and for always encouraging me to write! I'm hoping to do small posts so I don't have such long gaps between posts. Sometimes I feel like too much goes on and I can't write about it all. Also I didn't want to post till my kayak was done and that was a silly idea.

  4. Also, I feel bad we didn't connect when you were in Idaho. We should set up a time so I could skype/facetime with you and Lenny!

  5. Wow. I've always wanted to go (come) to Alaska. Sigh. One day. Great pics. :0)