Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two years later

I'm pretty bad at keeping a blog, but that's all I have to say about that!

Updates on the kayak:
Last summer I fiberglassed it inside and out:

Also, I again had to move it from the place I was working on it because I was too optimistic about the time schedule and my availability. I moved the shell of the boat first in the daytime. And I had moved the frame outside of the building so I could move it whenever was a good time. Well, I was dishwashing some nights (in addition to my day job) and after a night of dishwashing it felt like the right time to go and move my kayak frame. Not long after I took the picture shown above, the cops stopped me on the bridge, made me set the kayak frame down and questioned me if I had been drinking, if I had broken in somewhere. I was laughing but they did not find any of it funny.  I shared the picture of the newspaper with my family and they thought I was maybe the guy sleeping in the 200 block of Katlian so I had to blur out everything else.

Okay, that's my kayak update!

I'd update more but then I would probably never finish this post. So last thing is, I have a Flickr account. I've lost photos before when I thought I was backing them up and on Flickr you can upload 1 Terabyte of photos for free!  So check it out if you want, I keep it updated sorta regularly.