Friday, August 13, 2010

A hike up Mt. Verstovia

I joined some friends on a hike up Mt. Verstovia on a gorgeous day in August. I will share some pictures.  Right before the hike, my good friend and co-worker Eileen and I were at work.  I was going to drive us and someone else out to the trail head.  As Eileen was preparing some snacks to eat on the hike, I was casually throwing my keys into the air and catching them.  They landed in the light fixture up above and I had to stack some tables up to retrieve them! I have a SketchUp drawing of the building I work in that I update from time-to-time. I thought since I was up there that I might as well take some measurements of the light fixture so I could include it in the SketchUp drawing. I just wanted to tell that story and share a picture from that.

SketchUp drawing.
Compare this vibrant green picture to the picture from a hike in September.