Saturday, December 5, 2009

A hike through the snow

Today, Ben and I went for a nice hike up Gavan hill.  I purchased some snow shoes last week and told Ben I wanted to go hiking with him through some snow.  Today, we left about 10 o'clock and made it to our destination around 1 pm.  There's no real defined peak of Gavan hill, it's a much different formation than the surrounding mountains.  However, it was quite a hike to get to the top and there was a lot of snow.  I loved the snow shoes.  They were lots of fun and made it quite easy to stride through the fluffy snow.

Ben and I started talking about how good a burger sounded on the way down.  I picked up some ground beef on the way home.  I grilled some onions, mushrooms and the burger with a little Worcestershire sauce, broiled the buns, added some Tillamook Monterey Jack cheese and voilĂ !  It was delicious!
The city of Sitka down belowMt. Edgecumb on the leftSelf-portrait