Monday, November 23, 2009

I drew where I work on SketchUp

It should be in Google Earth soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photos from this weekend

It's four o'clock right now and it's pretty dark outside.  This weekend was a pretty busy one.  YABAH had a spot in the Alaska Native Heritage day parade.  When we met up for the parade everyone agreed it would be best to drive the van instead of walk in the snowy/rainy weather.  We tied our banner to the side of the van and I drove it from one end of Lincoln St. to the other.  Lincoln St. is the street that runs right through downtown.  It starts at Totem park, near the Sheldon Jackson College, and ends close to the bridge.
After the parade there were continued festivities in the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall.  There were Tlingit dancers with their extravagant robes, and other dancers from the far corners of Alaska.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A short blog! Maybe...

I had written out this long blog about how this "adventure" blog just turned into my "life" blog and that a life blog is harder for me to share... but then I realized I'm in Alaska and I need to toughen up and blog.  :)  Haha.

Let's see... where did I leave off?  Well, you may know that when I got here, it was arranged that I'd live in the dormitories of a dormant school.  During the summer, I was notified that the dormitories were going to be closed and we were all going to be evicted.  Fun.  Actually, it turned out to be a really good thing.

I've been attending Sitka Lutheran church. In September, I became the organist when the piano player left to attend university in Oregon. I said I'd do it for free since I came up to be a volunteer anyway. A couple members of the church suggested that since I'm a volunteer and I need a place to live, I could just live in the apartment that's dedicated to the church's summer volunteers. Plus, they said I could use the volunteer car! Things worked out nicely.

A couple weeks ago, I ran a 10k. Since then, it has been snowing and I haven't ran. I'm still riding my bike often, however.

I'll now post some pictures.  Have a good day!
Our race went down the road, nearly to the base of Bear Mountain.
We started at Whale Park.
This is right by where I live now.