Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Medvejie Half Marathon

On Saturday, I ran the Medvejie Half-Marathon.  Click the marker repeatedly! It is inspired by Warcraft 3. In the game, when you would select the character you wanted to make do something, it would have a standard response, if you did nothing but click the character over and over it would eventually give different responses, and it was like a little reward for persevering through repetitive clicking. The marker moves at the rate of 1 second = 1 minute. I want to put a stopwatch on top of the map so one could see the cumulative time. I don't know exactly how to do that though. There is something like it here

So about the run, the weather was great and there was a good turn out. The run is officially called the Medvejie Solstice Run. There are three options of distances. You can run a 5k, 10k, or half-marathon. I signed up to do the Alpine Run this year, which is an intense run up Gavan Hill and around the ridge to Harbor Mountain. I signed up for the Medvejie half-marathon to make sure I'm on track with being in shape for the Alpine run. It was a fun run, so I'm glad I signed up.

You start at Herring Cove trailhead and from there you go along the service road that is closed to public and only for people working at the Medvejie Hatchery or at the Green Lake dam. Hikers often take this road on foot or bicycle to access Bear Mountain trails, Medvejie Lake trail, and a couple of other trails.  When we crossed the island we avoided the long walk/bike down this road by getting a boat ride directly to Medvejie Hatchery.

The race continues on this hilly, dirt road until reaching the very very end of the road at the Green Lake dam. You cannot see the dam or the lake from this end of the road. And then you turn around and head back.

My time was 1:48. My best mile was the 11th mile at 7'48". These were my splits.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

3D Models

I think I've learned a new way to share 3D models, but I haven't perfected it.

I modeled my fedora with Autodesk's free app and program 123D Catch. You can use it on your iPhone or Android or you can upload photos through their website. It takes the photos and creates a 3D model. The 3D mesh often has errors but I use it as a base and then 3D model around it. I used Blender.

This fedora came from Cuba, a trip in March of 2014.

Here is the 3D model:

Crossing the Island

Ellen, Jasmine, and I crossed the island. I learned how to embed maps so here is a map!
EDIT: I've removed the line that was our path from the map. The reason is that there have been people attempting this hike without being fully prepared and had to get rescued, the same party involved, on multiple occasions. The chance of someone finding my map and using it as a guide without preparing in full is slim, but there is that possibility. And I have had a co-worker stumble upon this blog just by Googling 'kayaking alaska', so I wouldn't want someone to find my map and attempt the hike without talking to someone in person about it first.  There will be a fully interactive map and story soon.

The faint white line is our flight path on the return. The pilot was taking us straight across the island but we hit a wall of clouds before reaching the other side of the island and then he took us north to the very tip of Baranof.

The blue line that you'll find on Baranof Lake is our path when we were canoeing on the lake. I should say when Jasmine and Ellen were canoeing, I was just sitting there trying to check-in on my phone. Haha. Also, I was trying to stay warm. There were only 2 paddles so I didn't have much of a choice. Although, it did feel like King day all over again.

Soon, I plan on adding images to this map. Ellen, Jasmine, and I will first have to share pictures and that hasn't happened yet.