Friday, March 9, 2012

Sitka to Glacier Bay: Kayak Trip Pt 1

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We took bicep pictures so we could have a before and after. The first day the four of us were not together. Ellen and Jasmine were the ones that were ready to go; Julien and I still had some things to pack up. I hadn't finished my kayak (as you know) so I ended up borrowing my friend Paul's, who is Julien's brother. Julien was in town visiting from Paris, France. While he was in town he made tons of amazing art.

On May 7th, Ellen and Jasmine left for Kruzof Island. Kruzof is the big island 7 miles West of Baranof Island and is home to Mt. Edgecumbe, the volcano that is pictured at the top of this blog. 7 miles is actually from where the two islands are closest, Ellen and Jasmine left from Totem Park which is about 12 miles from the coast of Kruzof.  

As they paddled, Julien and I finished up our things.  I had to move out of my apartment.  I was living in an apartment that is used for church volunteers.  I played the organ for church and was doing so voluntarily so I qualified. However, there are summer volunteers that come up to Sitka and stay about 2 weeks and make the church welcome to tourists Monday through Friday.  Those volunteers needed a place to stay so I had to vacate!  I moved all my belongings into the career center where I had an office or two.

Ellen and Jasmine made it Kruzof. We heard that much from them. We tried to keep cell phone use limited since there were no more opportunities to charge them. Julien and I left for the Chaichei Islands. We left from a spot closer to Kruzof than the girls and the Chaichei Islands are about 3/8 of the way there so we had a nice little early evening paddle.

I fulfilled a goal on the Chaichei Islands.  I drank Chai Tea while doing Tai Chi on the Chaicheis.  I had talked about it and I was able to fulfill it on the trip.  However, I sorta pretended to do Tai Chi.

Here is Julien with Kruzof and Mt. Edgecumbe in all its glory as the background.  The blanket of clouds is my favorite part.