Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's been one year

A whole year has passed since I came to Alaska; it's hard to imagine time has flown so quickly.  Dan, David, and I went out in Dan's boat during work.  It's herring season and that's when Sitka really comes to life.  The fishing season begins with the intense herring openings. Herring seems to be the snack of the sea, so all the other wildlife, like whales and eagles, are out and about.  We were going to try and make it out during one of the fishing openings, but the timing was too hard to manage with work on the house.  When we went out, the department of Fish and Game was doing a herring sampling.  We also saw a very large gathering of bald eagles and a few whales.  We had a good time.
There's Dan taking his famous pictures.  You should become a fan of him on facebook.

This is my picture of the bald eagles as they perched in the trees watching the activity in the ocean, waiting for a good opportunity to nab some fish. Dan got some pictures of when they were feeding, there were at least fifty of them!

I'll write more later!

<3 Joshua

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Camp Victory

I got the chance to go on a little trip for Sitka Lutheran Church.  I was given this opportunity because they needed an adult to accompany a youth member of the church.  It was the All Alaska Lutheran Youth Retreat in Camp Victory about 50 miles East of Wasilla, Alaska.
It was such a fun weekend! I felt more like a kid than an adult. We played tons of games, indoor and outdoor: football, dodgeball, a game called amoeba, card games, broom ball, and basketball. We also did a lot of tubing downhill.
There I go!
This is the lake to the north.
This is out playing broom ball on the southern frozen lake.

The location of the camp is cool because it lies on the strip of land between two lakes. The camp looks like a completely different place in the summer time.