Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First day(s) in Sitka, Alaska

Last night was funny. Ben (the coordinator of the YABAH program) picked me up at the airport. I called him when my plane landed and said I would meet him at the baggage claim. He laughed to himself because, unbeknownst to me at the time, the airport is pretty much one large room with the baggage claim back in the corner. Then, as we watched the same three bags go around on the luggage belt, I tried to describe to Ben what my suitcase looked like. "I don't think it's black... or red... or gray..." It happened to be that my suitcase didn't make it from the Boise-Seattle flight to the Seattle-Sitka flight since the Boise flight was delayed. Thankfully, I had the legs to run to my gate, and I barely even made it. :)

I joined Ben and his friends for some whale-watching, which was a very nice way to start my stay here. The whales come really close to the shore to eat the herring which are making their way up here this time of year to spawn. After that was dinner and bed.

Today was beautiful and sunny and I guess that is rare. I got to explore and run lots of errands. Plus my luggage came in so Ben drove me to the airport to pick that up. And the lady at the airport and I discussed the color. I thought it had a green tint to it and she said it was brown. I was thinking my bright green jacket made it look brown. I guess I only knew which color it wasn't.

I'm very excited about my stay here and so far it is an amazing city. I'll talk to you soon!